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How To Be Productive With Your Family During Ramadan

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There are so many good things that we can do with our family during Ramadan.


1.Recite Quran together

We can recite the Quran together. Read the translation of the Quran and talk about the lessons together.


2.Pray together

We can build the love among family members through solah. The Prophet of Muhammad made dua that mercy will be showered on the man that wakes up in the night and wakes his wife to pray with him, or the wife that makes in the night and wakes her husband to pray with her.


3.Have iftar with a group of families

This is an opportunity to bond between family members. We can also build a network with other families. Bring food and gifts.


4.Cook, eat and clean together

Spending times 2 hours or more in the day together is very productive. This is called “quality family time”.


5.Reach out to the community

We can organize events like serve the needy while you’re fasting and give the homeless shelters.


Do everything if we think it is good for yourself and your family. Spread the love among family members during Ramadan.

Happy Ramadan 🙂




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